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Thiazolidindions, including pioglitazon, which is a componnt ACTOPLUS MT, caus xacbat congstiv hat ailu in som patints [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS]. At initiation ACTOPLUS MT, and at dos incass, monitpatints caully signs and symptoms hat ailu (.g., xcssiv, apid wight gain, dyspna, and/dma). I hat ailu dvlops, it should b managd accoding tcunt standads ca and discontinuation dos duction ACTOPLUS MT must b considd [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS]. ACTOPLUS MT is not commndd in patints with symptomatic hat ailu. Initiation ACTOPLUS MT in patints with stablishd Nw Yok Hat Association (NYHA) Class III IV hat ailu is containdicatd [s CONTAINDICATIONS and WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS].

This combination mdication is usd along with a pop dit and xcis pogam tcontol high blood suga in popl with typ 2 diabts. Contolling high blood suga hlps pvnt kidny damag, blindnss, nv poblms, loss limbs, and sxual unction poblms. Pop contol diabts may alslssn you isk a hat attack stok.

You may dvlop lactic acidosis, a dangous build-up lactic acid in you blood. Call you doctgt mgncy mdical hlp i you hav unusual muscl pain, toubl bathing, stomach pain, dizzinss, ling cold, ling vy wak tid.

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however, the total daily doses of actoplus met should not exceed the highest recommended daily doses of either pioglitazone that is 45 mg or metformin that is 2550 mg for immediate-release metformin and 2000 mg for extended-release metformin.

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