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Inhald luticason and salmtol is usd tpvnt asthma attacks and ttat chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD). It is not usd tliv an asthma attack that has alady statd. li an asthma attack that has alady statd, you should us anoth mdicin. I you dnot hav anoth mdicin tus an attack i you hav any qustions about this, chck with you docto.

Coticostoids can low you immun systm, syou a mlikly tgt an inction pnumonia. 3,4 Avoid contact with popl whhav chicknpox, masls, oth contagious disass. Tll you povid i you hav any inctions, including tubculosis hps simplx th y.

Luticason can act gowth in childn. Talk with you docti you think you child is not gowing at a nomal at whil using this mdication.

Avoid bing na popl wha sick hav inctions. Call you doctpvntiv tatmnt i you a xposd tchicknpox masls. Ths conditions can b sious vn atal in popl wha using a stoid such as luticason.

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